Q: How hard is it to do Twigg stitch?

Twigg stitch uses basic knitting skills. In that sense, it's easy. It becomes complicated when you're thinking
about how to hold both yarns as you knit. 

It's worth experimenting with the different methods to find what suits you best. Give yourself time to practice. 

I usually start a class by suggesting that you forgive yourself if your Twigg stitch knitting is not very neat at the beginning. If you stick at it, it will get neater.

Q: How easy is it to do Switch stitch?

It's actually quite easy. You are using two yarns, but it's easier than Twigg stitch because you don't have to hold both yarns at the same time.

Q: What's the best yarn to use for Twigg stitch?

I like to go for thinner yarns, as you're producing a slightly thicker fabric. I also prefer yarns with a consistent thickness. After that it depends on what pattern you're knitting. 

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