Chapter 1

Introduction to twigg stitch

A whole new side to your favourite craft, Twigg stitch is a new technique that uses familiar stitches and produces a wonderful result. You can now learn to produce this truly double-sided two-colour knitting using the videos here.

The basic technique produces one colour on each side in a single-pass.

Twigg stitch is easy as long as you know your basic knitting skills and it’s a lot of fun to do.

Once you've got the hang of the basics, Twigg stitch can be used to produce all kinds of different knitting textures and patterns, making them two sided...

Give yourself time to practice, as your fingers need to learn the moves. Very soon you will be able to get some wonderful results.


Chapter 2

Recommended materials

When you're learning Twigg stitch it’s best to use two colors of the same type of yarn so that they behave the same, it will really help the knitting stay balanced. I recommend using smooth yarn (around sport or DK weight) with a consistent thickness, as it is the easiest for learning.

Start with the suggested needle size for the yarn but then experiment with different sizes as you get comfortable with the knitting. I find my gauge changes a little depending which technique I use.

Also, try out all the different methods, you may be surprised which one suits you.
I usually recommend starting with one yarn in each hand so you get used to the structure of it. Then try the others.



Chapter 3

Learn the basics

Holding one yarn in each hand is a good way to begin learning Twigg stitch, even if you are not familiar one of these methods. You get to see what's happening on your needles.





When using both yarns in one hand, the most important thing to know is that they need to be separated, holding the purl yarn closer to you and the knit yarn farther away.

The videos show several ways of holding the yarns, so that you may try them out and decide for yourself.

Chapter 3: video 1

One yarn in each hand

chapter 3: video 2

Both yarns in LEFT hand

Chapter 3: Video 3

Both yarns in RIGHT hand


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