Chapter 1

Introduction to switch stitch

This is another new knitting exploration. Switch stitch (Swst) is a technique that uses knit and purl stitches to make a colorful, textured fabric. It has the appearance of reversed stocking (stockinette) stitch on both sides.

The basic technique produces a striped effect on each side of the fabric.

It's easy to knit, you can use one yarn at a time along the row or hold them both in the same hand or one in each hand.

Chapter 1: video 1


Chapter 2

Recommended materials

When you learn Switch stitch it is best to use two colours of the same type of yarn so that they behave the same, as it will really help the knitting stay balanced. A smooth yarn with a consistent thickness is the easiest for learning; I suggest a Sport or DK weight yarn.

Start with the largest recommended needle size for the yarn but then experiment with different sizes as you get comfortable with the knitting. This kind of knitting is tighter than you would get with single yarn knitting because the stitches switch sides on each row, and so your needle size needs to be larger.

Also, I find my gauge changes a little depending which technique I use.


Chapter 3

Learn the basics

There are several different ways to hold the yarns. You can use one yarn at a time and leave the other hanging (as you might in Fair Isle technique) or you can hold on to both at the same time.

It doesn't matter which style you use to hold the yarn (i.e. whether you knit with both yarns in one hand, or one yarn in each hand). It's the result that matters.

Chapter 3: Video 1

Both yarns in RIGHT hand

chapter 3: video 2

Both yarns in LEFT hand

Chapter 3: video 3

One yarn in each hand


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