One Year Gift Subscription (certificate)

One Year Gift Subscription (certificate)


A One Year Gift Subscription to, allowing full access to the subscription areas of the site and eligible for all discount offers, including reduced prices on individual online teaching and group classes.

This is a GIFT Subscription, designed for you to give to someone else, and to start at a later date. If you want to buy a subscription for yourself, please go to the Log In/Subscription area of the site, where you can buy a subscription that starts at once.

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A Gift subscription can be used to register at any time within six months of purchase. It is valid for one year at a value of $5 per month (a $60 value), sold to you at a reduced price of $55.00 (plus a one time fee of $2 per transaction). An elegant certificate is available for immediate download, on which a coupon code is provided.

The recipient logs on to the site to obtain a one-year subscription at 100% discount.