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Vicki Twigg
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Welcome to, home of all sorts of cool stuff about knitting!

Vicki is well-known as an expert knitter who designs and creates finely-crafted pieces that everyone admires. She also loves to teach and share ideas, and in these videos you will find everything from how to begin - using regular knit and purl stitches - through how to complete a complex two-color, two-sided garment. You will soon discover how to make more beautiful, perfectly finished work that will delight you and amaze your friends!

Hit "Play". You'll be amazed!

Vicki’s Blog and the Forum area of the site will bring you further into a community of knitters who love to show you their work and encourage you to try new things.

Vicki’s patterns, complete kits and signed copies of the Twigg stitch book are available through the Store.

Watch Over 40 videos to help you learn the very best techniques and methods!

There are three free Learn to knit sections, introducing Regular knitting, Twigg stitch and Switch stitch techniques. When you want to go further with your regular knitting, there are videos on correcting mistakes, starting and finishing your work, special techniques and much more.

The Twigg stitch and Switch stitch PRO sections, available through a small monthly subscription ($5) will take you further into these fascinating new techniques that produce fabric with two or more colors, plus shaping and completing more complex patterns.

At the bottom of the page, PRO members can also sign up to take an online class or an individual lesson with Vicki. (Actually, anyone can sign up, but subscribers get a significant discount!)

(Patterns, subscriptions and classes also make excellent gifts for the knitters in your life! You can buy a Gift Subscription in the store...)

Enjoy the site, and let us know how we can help you!

A video Postcard from Vicki...



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"Contentment" by Lauren Delk.


Welcome to!

Knitting explored

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Designs that are fun

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learn to knit

regular knitting

Here you will find an introduction and a review of the basics of regular knitting. Using a single yarn, Vicki will show you how to start (“cast on”), create a fabric and bind off. She will also share some helpful insights about why and how knitting methods manipulate yarn to create such beautiful fabrics.


Twigg Stitch

Using two yarns along each row, Twigg stitch creates a fabric with lots of possibilities. This unique stitch uses two colors that produce reversible designs.


switch stitch

With Switch stitch you use simple knit and purl stitches to make a reversible textured fabric that is very attractive. 


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Twigg Stitch by Vicki Twigg is a new technique using familiar stitches with terrific results
— Hartford Knitting Examiner


Finding Community in a solitary art...

As an introvert, I could happily sit at home, alone, and knit (or sew etc) all day long without a thought of other people. I can knit on car journeys – just as long as someone else drives. I can take my project bag with me when I go to the Doctor's and most other appointments; the conversation is easy while your needles are going and nobody minds. It even acts as a conversation starter…

I have also realized that if I’m in a noisy or (to me) overwhelming atmosphere I can ‘retreat’ with my knitting and be fine. I have memories of my family calling me "The Spider" because I would sit in a corner making (and sometimes unpicking and remaking) things. I hated having idle hands.

I have always had ideas floating around in my mind that I need (and want) to work out before they get away from me, so I keep a notebook in which I jot things down to develop later. These jottings and sketches sometimes turn into finished items and sometimes become the path to other ideas…. 



My first Twigg stitch project



Difference between Twigg stitch, Brioche and Double Knitting