ABOUT: Vicki

I was born in 1960 near London, England, the daughter of an artist and an engineering designer. I currently live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my husband Geoff; we have three adult children. We came to the United States from England in 1994.

I grew up watching my mother knit, and I have been knitting, crocheting and sewing for as long as I can remember. I have always loved going through stitch dictionaries and pattern books, endlessly experimenting with threads and yarns, then using what I learned to design various items of clothing, including doll clothes. (I don’t remember actually playing with the dolls much!).

With regard to sewing, I mostly enjoy designing or modifying clothing patterns. as well as designing and making quilts, by hand and machine.

It was in college that my love of knitting, crochet, and design came together as my friends began commissioning me to make them sweaters and shawls with unique creations.

When I first began to work with yarn, I learned the English style of knitting (holding yarn in my right hand). A few years ago, I taught myself the Continental style of knitting to aid in doing Fair Isle work (holding one yarn in each hand). Now I am quite comfortable with both styles.

ABOUT: Lauren Delk

"I am a junior Studio Art major at Messiah College, pursuing a bachelor of fine arts degree and continuing to build my illustration career. I am excited to be working with the Twiggs by bringing some knitting illustrations to life!"

Lauren will be contributing knitting-related drawings and humor to the site. Enjoy her work on the Blog page!

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Reviews of Vicki's book -- Twigg stitch

“The technique is explained clearly and the variety of incredible stitches included is just awesome. The outcome is a double sided beautiful fabric without the bulk of double knitting.”

Susan, commenting on the Interweave ebook “Twigg stitch”

"The knit work in this book is beautiful and I love the idea of reversible knitting. The patterns are beautiful as well, and the instructions are well-written and easy to follow." --Knits Reads and Reviews

"...this is so much more than just one stitch, it's more of a new technique for reversible double knitting --Wendy Knits

“…will inspire designers for years to come. …it opens the door to so many possibilities." --In Stitches Column from myCentralJersey.com

"Vicki gives lots of instructions and pictures to explain how to hold everything, how to maneuver your yarn, how to cast-on, etc. The instructions were great! She shows you how to hold your yarns in separate hands, or both colors in your right hand, or both colors in your left hand." --Banana Moon Studio

"Knitters searching for a new method of playing with color will want to explore Twigg's patterns, then try their hand at some of the additional stitches shown in the stitch-dictionary section of this action-packed book." --Yarn Market News

"Colorwork knitters will appreciate Twigg's creative contribution to knitting literature the most, but those new to colorwork may find the Twigg stitch surprisingly accessible." --Library Journal

"Twigg Stitch by Vicki Twigg is a new technique using familiar stitches with terrific results." --Hartford Knitting Examiner