I currently live in Central Pennsylvania with my husband Geoff; we have 3 adult children.

We came to the US from England in ‘94, lived in PA for 14 years, then NH for 3 and moved to Chicago in the fall of ‘11. We just moved back to beautiful Lancaster County!

I have been knitting, crocheting and sewing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always experimented with threads and yarns, designing doll clothes (I don’t remember actually playing with the dolls much!), and various items of clothing. I have always loved going through stitch dictionaries and pattern book and endlessly trying stuff out, incorporating them when I could into the things I made.

In sewing I have mostly enjoyed clothing construction, designing or modifying patterns. I also love to design and make quilts, by hand and machine.

I began, during College, to knit and crochet items for my friends, on ‘commission’, mostly sweaters and shawls, putting all kinds of designs on them (I’ll try to see if I have any pics). 

I learned to knit the English way (yarn in my right hand) and taught myself continental a few years ago to help with Fair Isle work, holding one yarn in each hand. I am now quite comfortable with both.